Here are some of the most useful things to know you’ll be getting when you start using Placie.

Ride Services all in one place

Taxis and rideshares in one place

Placie allows you to compare and book taxi and rideshare journeys with our Transport Partners all in one app!*

No need to switch between multiple transport apps anymore.

*Placie does not compare all transport providers

8+ modes of transport

Ride Services, Train, Bus, Tram, Cycle, Drive, Motorbike and your two feet. Yes, there are oodles of options in Placie!

Placie also gives you the flexibility to compare and combine taking a paid mode, such as Ride Services, to transport modes you own, such as your car, bike or motorbike. You can also include Public Transport options available in your city with all the other transport modes available on Placie.

Simply select the modes of transport you like to use most often and when you search for your next trip, you’ll see a list of options, customised just for you.

Save money or time

Our filters make it easy to see a cheaper or faster way there.

We’ll give you options to choose from, whether you want to save money or time when you travel.

Book and pay

With Placie, you only need one account to travel with any of our Transport Partners! Simply set up your payment and you are ready to go.

All your trip receipts will be in one place making it easy to keep track of travel costs for you, your business and your family by setting up a personal, business or family profile.

Note: Public transport isn’t payable through Placie right now but we have all the public transport trip info you need.

Plan B

Disruption is a pain in the bum but don’t worry, we’ll have a plan B ready for you when you need one!

We know it’s a hassle when your Plan A isn’t available. Our auto-reschedule option will find you a new way to get where you need to go so you can de-stress when you take a trip with Placie.

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