We’ve put together a handbook of information to help you get the most out of Placie and answer any questions you might have.

Signing up

Account And Payment Options


Taking a trip

Trip Issues & Refunds

Fares & Charges



Signing Up

Here are a few tips to help you get started with Placie

STEP 1: Please enter the mobile number that you would like to use to book your Placie trips.

STEP 2: You will receive a 6-digit verification code by SMS that you will be prompted to insert into Placie.

STEP 3: Enter your name and email to create your Placie account.


Once you’ve filled in these details, tap the arrow.

You are now a registered Placie user. Whichever way you want to travel, Placie makes finding your way effortless!

I haven’t received my 6-digit verification code, what should I do?

Tapping the “resend code” button at the bottom of the screen to resend your 6-digit code.

If the problem persists, please contact support@placie.com so we can resolve this for you.

Do I need a credit card to take a trip?

If you are taking rideshare, taxi, Skybus, or car rental service, you will need a credit card. However, there are two instances where you will not need a credit card as a payment method added:

  1. If taking public transport only.
  2. If there is a corporate profile added as a payment method you are using.
Is my personal information secure?

Placie takes your privacy seriously and manages your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

By signing up to Placie, what notifications and marketing information will I be receiving?

Please go to Marketing preferences in My Account to see a detailed breakdown of your options for subscribing to notifications from Placie. You can change these preferences at any time. 

Account And Payment Options

How to add or update your personal information

Step 1:  Go to menu  and tap My account.


Step 2: Tap the edit button.

Step 3: Tap the detail you want to change and enter the updated information.

Step 4: Make your updates and click Save.

How to add your Credit or Debit Card to your Placie account

Step 1:  Select Payments from the Placie app menu.

Step 2:  Tap Add payment method.

Step 3:  Tap Credit or Debit Card.

Step 4: Input your credit or debit card number.

Step 5: Input card expiry date and the CVV number.

Step 6: Tap Add card.

Note: you can add more than one card to your Placie account by going back to Step 2.

Note: A Credit or Debit Card can’t be edited once you have finished adding it.

To change your payment method, you will need to delete the card you no longer want as a payment method and then add your preferred payment method. Read on to learn how.

If you wish to delete all payment methods, you will only be able to use Placie to take public transport (and you will need to separately purchase a public transport ticket) and your own modes of transport e.g. car, bike, motorbike.

How to delete a Credit or Debit Card from your Placie account

Step 1: Go to the menu  and tap Payments.

Step 2: Hold your finger on the payment method you want to delete and swipe right.

Step 3: Tap the delete button.

How to create a payment profile

Step 1:  Go to menu  and select Profiles

Step 2:  Tap Add profile.

Step 3: Select profile type from the drop-down menu  – Personal, Business or Family.

Step 4: Create a profile name.

Step 5: Add an email address so you can receive your receipts.

Step 6: Tap Next.

Step 7:  Tap Credit or Debit Card.

Step 8: Input your credit or debit card number.

Step 9: Input card expiry date and the CVV number.

Step 10: Tap Add card.


Note: You can add more than one payment profile to your Placie account by going back to Step 2.

Note: A Credit or Debit Card can’t be edited once you have finished adding it.

How to select a default payment profile

Step 1: Go to the menu 

Step 2: Tap Profiles.

Step 3: Select one of your profiles.

Step 4: Go to the Set as default profile toggle and move it to the right.

Step 5: Tap Done to accept the changes.

How to select or change a payment method profile before you take a trip

If you have more than one profile set up in Placie, the steps below will help you select a profile for a specific trip. This may be useful when reviewing or reconciling your transport costs.


After selecting a trip option:

Step 1: Drag screen up using the two lines so you can view your entire trip details.

Step 2: Tap into the profile that’s located below the trip details to view all your payment profiles types.

Step 3: Tap your preferred payment profile for this trip and you’re done.

Step 3: Drag the two lines up and you will see your payment profile below your trip directions and above the Let’s go button.

Step 4: Click into this profile to view all added payment profiles types.

Step 5: Click your preferred payment profile for this trip.

I'm not receiving receipts or emails, what do I do?

Make sure your account’s email address is correct and that it is verified before you take your first trip.

To verify your email address:

Step 1: Tap the menu  and tap  My Account on the top left

Step 2: Tap Edit

Step 3: If you see a warning icon, tap “Verify now” to verify your email. If your email is already verified, it should say “Verified”.


If you are still not receiving trip receipts as emails from Placie, check your spam or junk folders. Make sure to mark emails from Placie as not junk so you receive them in the future.


If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, please get in touch with our Support team through the app by going to the menu and tapping SUPPORT.

Need more help?

If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, please get in touch with our Support team by going to the menu within Placie and tapping HELP.


Settings Overview

The settings screen can be accessed by tapping the menu icon  and then tapping Settings. Here is a simple overview of Placie’s Settings screen

My Account

Edit or log off your account.

My Places

Add, change or delete your Home or Work addresses, and manage other Saved Places.

Trip Options

Turn on/off Auto-rescheduling, and manage preferred Transport modes.


Change location privacy modes, and clear search history.


Turn on/off live alerts and notifications.

How to change your home/work address

On the Settings screen, you can edit your Home or Work address under the My Places heading. Tap Home to edit your home address, or Work to edit your work address.

How to manage your saved places

Add, delete or edit your saved places by tapping Manage saved places under the My Places section in the Settings screen.

I want to stop being asked if I want to add this address as a shortcut.

When you are prompted with this pop-up that asks if you would like a shortcut, you can tap Don’t ask again and the pop-up will no longer show up. 

You can edit this preference in the Settings screen, under the My Places section.


Live alerts can be turned on or off during a trip by tapping the slider next to Live alerts during the trip. You can find this under the Notifications section in the Settings section.

How to permanently hide a preferred transport mode

On the Settings screen, scroll down to Trip Options and tap on Preferred transport

Select or deselect transport modes that will now appear in all your future trip options. This can be changed at any time.


How to turn auto-rescheduling on/off

You can turn off auto-rescheduling by going into your Settings, and switching your Auto rescheduling to on or off by tapping the slider next to Auto rescheduling, listed under the heading Trip options.

How to log out

Go to menu  and tap your name at the top of the screen. Then tap the Logout button.


How to clear your search history

To clear your search history, go to Settings and tap Clear search history, which is listed under the heading Privacy.


How to turn live alerts off

Live alerts can be turned on or off during a trip by tapping the slider next to Live alerts during trip. You can find this under the Notifications section in the Settings section.


How to refer a friend

Step 1: Go to menu  and tap on Refer a friend

Step 2: Send your personalised code to your friends to get registered on Placie on whatever platform you like sharing from.

You can send your personalised code to your friends and when they use Placie with your personalised code, you’ll all get a great discount on your up and coming trips. Discount details will be available when you click into Refer a friend as they do change from time to time. We love it when our customers share Placie with their friends!


Taking A Trip

How to take a trip with Placie

Step 1:  Enter the address or landmark, and tap on the location from the results.

Step 2: Select and tap on your preferred trip option from the listings.
Note: Choose to view the listing options by either cheapest or fastest by tapping the toggle under the transport modes.

Step 3: A map showing your trip will appear with the details of your journey viewable when you scroll up, above the Let’s go button.

When you’re ready, tap “Let’s Go.”

Step 4: Follow Placie’s directions to your destination. The trip progress bar will show you how much further you still have on your trip to reach your destination.

If you are running late, don’t worry – Placie adjusts your trip as you go.

Step 5: At the end of your trip, you will see a summary screen that lists a breakdown and a total of your trip costs.

Changing my destination or start location

You can add or edit your Start location and Destination location address by tapping on the respective speech bubbles on the map before selecting a trip option.

How do I use my start code for my Ola ride?

As an added measure of security, some service providers require this start code for the driver to be able to start the trip.

Once you start a ride, a 4-digit start code will appear on your screen, just below the map. Simply tell your driver the code you see on the screen or on your phone’s notification panel.

How does ETA work ?

Before your trip starts, Placie provides an Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) for when you would arrive at your destination. Placie also provides an estimated time for when your Transit option will be leaving, as well as an Estimated Time for when your Rideshare or Taxi driver will arrive at your pickup destination. 

Note: ETAs provide an estimated time of arrival but cannot be guaranteed. Heavy traffic, public transport disruptions, road construction and other unplanned disruptions can impact the ETA for a trip.

Viewing a cost breakdown of your trip

To view the cost breakdown of each trip in your list, tap on the “i” icon next to the ‘Estimated fare’.


Cancelling/Ending your trip

To cancel a trip, tap the red End Trip button below the trip tracking bar.

You will be asked if you are sure that you want to cancel this trip. Tap Yes to cancel, or tap Go back to continue with this trip.


How to save a Home or Work location

If you have entered a particular location three or more times, Placie will automatically ask if you would like to set this location as your Home or Work location, unless you have turned off the add places prompt in the Settings.

You can also save a location under a custom name, by tapping Other on the pop-up and setting a name for this location.

If you would like Placie to stop showing this pop-up, you can turn off Ask to add places in the Settings.

You can also edit all saved locations through the Settings menu, by tapping Manage saved places.


How to change your transport preferences

You can tap the transport mode icons on the scrollable preferences bar to edit your transport preferences.

If you would like to hide a transport mode, you can tap the preferences icon on the left of the bar. Here, you can select transport modes that you wish to see on the transport preferences bar or deselect transport modes you wish to hide.


How Placie calculates arrival time

Before your trip starts, Placie provides an estimated time of arrival based on the arrival time provided by the Placie Transport Partner arrival times.    


Note: These estimated times cannot be guaranteed. Heavy traffic, public transport disruptions, road construction and other unplanned disruptions can affect these estimates.

The Payment Summary screen

Your payment summary screen shows a breakdown and total of your trip costs.

Booking a Rideshare or Taxi service using Placie

If you are traveling by another mode of transport before taking a Rideshare or Taxi within a trip, Placie will use your ETA to work out when best to pre-book the Rideshare or Taxi for you. You will receive a notification when your Rideshare or Taxi is booked and your driver is on their way with their details.

If you are traveling by Rideshare or Taxi as the only mode of transport for that trip, view your trip options, tap your preferred option and tap Let’s go.

Paying for your ride through Placie

Once you have created a Payment method, it will automatically be set as the default payment method for your trips.

For more information on payments, please go to the Accounts & Payment Options section.

How to select/change a service provider & vehicle type when booking rideshare or taxi

Once you have selected a trip that has a rideshare/taxi segment in it, the service provider pop-up will appear that has all the available listings. You can sort the service providers by cheapest, most available, or closest by tapping Sort by pill on the top right-hand corner.

Note: Once you have selected a service provider for your trip, the vehicle type defaults to the cheapest type available.


To change/select a different vehicle type for the rideshare/taxi of your trip:

Step 1: Tap the vehicle type pill for the service provider you want to travel with.

Step 2: Scroll and select a vehicle type on the next pop-up.


What happens when your booking has been cancelled

If your Rideshare or Taxi booking has been cancelled by the driver, Placie will find your other available options for pickup from your current location.

Cancelling your rideshare or taxi service

To cancel a Rideshare or Taxi trip, tap on the Cancel ride button on the booking section in your trip progress screen. Press Yes to finalize the cancellation.


How can I see where my Taxi or Rideshare car is?

A car icon  will appear on the map when the driver notifies you that they are on their way.

How to set or change your pickup location for Rideshare or Taxi services

To edit your pickup location before starting your trip:

Step 1: Tap the change pick up pill

Step 2: Drag the map around to adjust your pickup location. Tap Continue to confirm your new pickup location.


All taxi and Rideshare pickup locations can be changed before you start searching for your closest driver, but can also be changed while Placie is searching for you driver:

Step 1: Tap on the Map icon and change the pickup to your preferred address.

Step 2: Drag the map around to adjust your pickup location. Tap Continue to confirm your new pickup location.

Note: Not all of our Taxi and Rideshare providers will allow you to change a pickup location after a driver has been allocated to you. If a provider does not allow a change to the pickup address, you will receive a notification to let you know this cannot be changed so close to the pickup time.

I'm travelling by car/public transport/bike/walk and then taking a taxi/rideshare. Where will the driver pick me up?

If your Rideshare or Taxi is booked following a trip segment that includes another transport mode (e.g. Public Transport) the pickup location will be set where you exit the previous part of your trip. For example, if you are taking a train from Station A to Station B and then taking a Taxi, Placie will set the pick-up location for your driver in front of Station B.

How to contact your Rideshare or Taxi driver

To contact your Rideshare/taxi driver once your booking is confirmed, tap the Call or Message buttons to get in contact with them.

Trip Issues & Refunds

Placie Support

If you experience issues within Placie or with any of our Transport partners, Placie Support is available via Support within the app or you can email us via support@placie.com.

My driver hasn't shown up

If the driver hasn’t shown up when expected, first try to contact them through the Placie app either via Call or Message (Message is not available for Taxi Drivers). 

If the driver is late or doesn’t show up at the pickup location, please contact the Placie support team at support@placie.comWe may direct you to our Transport Partner if we cannot resolve the query for you.

Driver issues

If you have a driver related issue, please get in touch with Placie Support. We may direct you to our Transport Partner if we cannot resolve the query for you.

Driver feedback

As a Placie customer, your feedback for Rideshare and Taxi drivers help us to improve trip safety and quality with our partners.

All our Rideshare and Taxi partners have agreed to maintain their high standard of service that includes being respectful and polite to all Placie customers. If this was not your experience, contact support@placie.com with your trip details.

Your transport times didn’t match up as expected

If there is an issue with your transport times, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Some of these issues might include:

  • My driver was not waiting for me outside the designated train station
  • The timings of my trip details within Placie wasn’t correct
  • I’m not getting public transport disruption information through Placie

Fares & Charges

How are fares calculated?

Public Transport

Public Transport fares displayed in Placie are supplied directly from Public Transport websites.  

Placie does not make any changes to these prices. 

You can view all fares through your respective Public Transport authority. 

Victoria (Public Transport Victoria – PTV) 


New South Wales (Transport for NSW) 


QLD (Translink) 


South Australia (Adelaide Metro) 


Western Australia (TransPerth) 


Tasmania (MetroTas 


Australian Capital Territory (Transport ACT) 


Northern Territory  



Private Transport

All Placie Transport Partner fares are the same when you use these services through Placie or directly book via Placie Transport Partner.

Placie does not make any changes to these prices.

For more information about fares, click on the below links to visit their websites.



13 Cabs/Maxi Taxi/Champ


Muve Rideshare


Silvertop Taxis


Black & White Cabs




Cancellation Fees
All cancellation fees are dependent on the Placie Transport Partner’s own policies (TSP). Each TSP has their own cancellation policies and fees, which are listed below.



13 Cabs/Maxi Taxi/Champ


Muve Rideshare




Black & White Cabs




Disputing a cancellation fee

If you believe you have been charged a cancellation fee incorrectly, please contact support@placie.com with your trip details as soon as you notice this charge.

Wait time fees

Wait time fees will vary between Transport Services Providers (TSPs). Each TSP has its own policies, which can be found below.



13 Cabs/Maxi Taxi/Champ


Muve Rideshare




Black & White Taxis




Incorrect charges on your statement

If you have any questions about specific charges on your statement, please contact support@placie.com.

Using promo codes

To use a promo code, here are the steps to apply them to your trip: 

Step 1: Add in a Destination for your trip

Step 2: Select a trip option to get to your Destination

Step 3: Where you see the = icon, Swipe up until you can see Got a promo code

Step 4: Enter your promo code and tap Apply

Step 6: Start your trip by hitting Let’s go


Note: Promo codes cannot be used for public transport and may have other restrictions. Please refer to the terms and conditions associated with the promo code for further information. 

Trouble using a promo code

If you have trouble using a promo code you’ve received, please try the following:

  • Check the expiry date and Terms and Conditions for the promo code
  • Make sure you have entered the correct promo code
  • Check this code hasn’t been used before
  • If you are unable to get your promo code to work, contact support@placie.com.


How to raise an emergency alert

In case of an emergency, you can raise an emergency alert within the Placie app if you are travelling by Rideshare or Taxi.  

You will see the red Emergency alert button on your app as soon as your Rideshare or Taxi driver starts the trip. 

Press the Emergency button on the Placie app and tap on the Get Help option.  

Our Support team will immediately get in touch with you and the driver. 

On pressing the Emergency button, you can also choose to alert your emergency contacts or call the police in case of immediate danger.  

General safety complaint

If an incident occurred that made you feel unsafe during any part of your Placie trip, please contact support@placie.com with details of your trip and we’ll respond as soon as we receive this.



How to contact Support

Please contact Placie Support through the Help section within the app or email support@placie.com. We will endeavour to respond to your query as soon as we can.


If you don’t have a Placie account or have problems accessing the app, please email us at: support@placie.com.

COVID-19 and hygiene

Health and safety is a major priority at Placie. We are following developments and working with health authorities and our Transport Partners to put into action the latest rules and advice regarding transportation and hygiene to ensure you can travel safely. 

Lost Property

If you have left something in a Rideshare or Taxi that was booked through Placie, please contact us on lostproperty@placie.com and provide us with as much detail as possible regarding your lost item and your trip. We will then pass this information on to the Transport Service Provider to help us locate your lost item.  

 Alternatively, you can contact the Transport Service Provider directly by following the below links to their websites.  






Muve Rideshare 


Black & White Taxis 




Ugo Transfers 





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