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With more than 50 different transport apps and journey planners available in Australia, working out the best way to get from place to place can be a daunting – and time consuming – task.

We’re all trying to get somewhere, but with our transport options changing by the minute, finding the information you need to choose your best way often means jumping in and out of multiple transport apps.

Placie is Australia’s new one-stop transport app that brings together ride services, journey planning and mapping to save you money, time and effort finding your better trip. Whether it’s comparing, booking and paying for multiple ride services with a single account, or seeing how these options stack up against your public or owned transport options, Placie helps you save time, money, and effort getting from place to place.

Whichever way you want to travel, Placie gives you the power to find your cheaper, faster, smarter way there.

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